Soffa, to create highest-quality seating solutions, skillfully crafts the ideas and power of design with its experience. With the specially designed seating solutions of Soffa, you will find the trends of today and future, you will feel the supremacy of quality, comfort, aesthetics and functionality with each product. With design options of Soffa that suit every place, you will discover the difference and experience the comfort.
Promptly responding to requests by identifying them on the basis of the needs and expectations of interested parties, customer satisfaction and timely changing requests... Executing and delivering projects on time... Delivering quality products, services with competitive prices... Setting customer satisfaction as main goal… Providing best products and services to the customers... Setting as a model by being responsible and respectful towards environment... Supporting quality improvement activities continuously with the participation of all the employees... Setting competitive pricing with honesty complying with international competition laws as a policy with the participation of all of the employees... Adopting and constantly improving the principles of "Continuous improvement" and "Doing the job right at first time". Adopting and implementing the principle of "continuous training" is our quality policy.
Thus as SOFFA we are committed to set and review our quality targets continuously, to make our policies prevalent among all our employees, and to meet the requirements of the quality management system complying with national and international standards...

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